Penzance Train Station

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Showing our work on Penzance Train Station in 2013

We were asked by AMCO Rail to tender for the whole of the building
inside and outside. The works were designed to provide access to the
underside of the roof. The scaffolding was required to provide a scaffold
working platform/crash deck erected inside the station building,
spanning the tracks. Scaffold access has also been erected on the outside
of the station building. We decided to use the Plettac system on this
project. We had to overcome several obstacles such as: public safety;
track safety; access to the site; PTS and Plettac Training; medicals and D&
A screening; new company policies for Network Rail and Link up status;
importing the Plettac and PPE. We have achieved all of these within 4
weeks. A scaffold inspector commented “This is probably one of the best
examples of best practice within our industry that I have seen. The
quality of the scaffolding is of the highest degree”.